The Loire Castles:
This circuit encompasses several of the most important Renaissance castles.
We will visit: Chaumont sur Loire (15th century), heritage of Diane de Poitiers, Amboise (15th century), residence of several French kings, Chenonceau, known as the “Castle of the ladies”, Cheverny (17th century) which has been owned by the same family for 7 centuries, Chambord, the hugest of all castles built by François I. Optionally, you may visit the castle of Blois, built in the Middle Ages by the counts of Blois, the powerful feudal lords - a truly exceptional architectural site.
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Castles and gardens of Kings of France Loire Valley:
This valley has charmed the kings of France by its natural heritage. They built sumptuous residences which arestill beautifully preserved, including castles and manors which are open to visitors. During this trip we will have the opportunity to visit the castles of CHENONCEAUX, AMBOISE, la BOURDAISIERE, VILLANDRY,AZAY LE RIDEAU and the ABBAYE DE FONTEVRAUD where Henry Plantagenet and the queen Aliénor d'Aquitaine rest for eternity. We will finish our trip in Saumur where the national riding school is based. Complete index card.

The Berry, the South of Touraine and its riches :
In the South of Touraine, you’ll enjoy traditional landscapes that have retained theit character. Here, more secluded castles and romanesque churches dot a rolling wooded scenery. The Indrois and Cher river valleys are genuinely beautiful, with many places of historic interest. The city of Loches, deep in the Indre valley, built on a rocky butte, is a historic  artistic town; it teems with surprising riches, it is an exceptional medieval city in the heart of the Chateaux de la Loire area. The Valençay castle is a majectic Renaissance classical building. This area also offers specialties such as the Selles sur Cher and Valençay cheeses, which you’ll enjoy with Touraine or Valençay wine. Complete index card.

In the Footsteeps of Louis XIV:
An amazing horse trip in Ile de France through the destinies of Louis 14th (the Sun King) and his finance minister Nicolas Fouquet.
From the Vaux le Vicomte castle to Versailles, going by Courances, Chamarande, the Vaus de Cernay Abbey and the castle of Breteuil, this region is full of unexpected and beautiful landscapes, vast forests, magnificent castles and their gardens. It’s far from being a flat country. The ground and the distances make long canters possible. We’ll visit castle, an abbey, many parks and gardens. Complete index card.

The Great Bordeaux Wine:
Exceptional horseback riding to discover the great wines of Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wineyard. You will ride through prestigious wineyards that will not let you indifferent. These are Médoc, Côtes de Blaye, Côtes de Bourg, Fronsac, Lalande de Pomerol, St Emilion, l’Entre deux mers, Premières Côtes de Bordeaux, Graves and Sauternes. All the human heritage such as the Citadelle de Blaye, built by Vauban at the 18th century, the medieval city of Saint Emilion, the Rauzan castle and the English bastide of Cadillac (13th century) is also waiting for you. Complete index card.

The Black Perigord:
Our horseback riding starts at the borders of the Agen region to finish in the heart of the Black Perigord in Sarlat. During our trip we will discover the bastides of Monflanquin, Monpazier and Domme which during the Middle Ages, during the 100 Years War, for which English and French fought. We will also visit the ruins of the château de Gavaudun, then Bonaguil which was the last castle built in France, and Biron, well preserved castles.
We will also visit a traditional goose and duck breeding farm, La Perruche.We will finish by visiting Sarlat, capital of the Black Perigord. Complete index card.

The Green Perigord:
North of the Dordogne River, the Périgord vert is a real green gem with rolling hills and a great number of rivers. Owing to its geographical situation, the climate is very mild, which makes being there pleasant at all seasons. Our trip in the Nontron area will take us to Brantôme, named “the Venice of the Périgord”.
We will visit Puyguilhem castle, Villars caves, Varaignes museum, troglodytic dwellings, Bourdeilles castle. Complete index card.
In this trip, we go back to our origins and discover our ancestor, the Cro-Magnon man and his way of life.
First we’ll visit the world museum of prehistorty at Les Eyzies, then the Rouffignac cave and its 4 km train ride. Then we’ll visit the Lascaux II cave, which ranks first in European prehistoric sites. Then La Roque Saint Christophe, the largest troglodyte site in Europe, was occupied for more than 20 000 years, and last the Commarque castle built in the 12th century above troglodytic dwellings, making it easy to understand the evolution of human habitat. Complete index card.

The Lot Causse country:
The Lot is the area in between the Massif Central and Aquitaine. It is home for caves, grottoes and underground rivers. The Lot area is one of the best preserved and most attractive of ancient French regions.
Its history began more than 20 000 years ago (prehistoric caves).Its history began more than 20 000 years ago (prehistoric caves). It is in this area that Julius Caesar fought the last resistant Gallic people. We will visit Caïx castle, the famous village of Rocamadour, “La cave” cave’s, Carennac village;
The Medoc area and beach:
This trip is by the ocean side, mythical wine châteaux, vast forests, a place redolent of history and famous food. It is first of all world renowned for its vineyards. However its landscapes have a lot of variety, from the marsh areas of Lower Médoc to the large straight beaches of the Atlantic with the ocean breakers; going by the Graves headlands where the waters of the Gironde and those of the Atlantic Ocean merge, the Landes forest and its mind boggling pine woods as far as the eye can see, a succession of lakes  from North to South or also the Gironde islands which are green dots between the two banks of the estuary. Complete index card.

The Basque country:
A typical area with mysterious origins, a place of traditions and secrets. A charming area with beautiful towns and villages, and white-washed painted half-timbered houses. The Basque mountain is a place of ever changing green meadows.
We’ll start at St Jean Pied de Port, a walled city built by Vauban: it is the last French leg on the journey for the St Jacques de Compostelle pilgrims. Then we’ll continue on mountain ridges to reach Urepel, then the towns of St Etienne de Baïgorry, Aïnhoa, Sare, and the end of the trip will be in the mountains at the Ibardin Pass (view on the Atlantic Ocean). Complete index card.
equestrian farm des abrons the rides
This trails are an invitation to discover the silent beauty of Cappadocia's unique landscape of fairy chimneys and volcanic formations. Whether negotiating the narrow paths over the crests or galloping through the steppe or along the lush canyons, you will enjoy exhilarating nature trails off the beaten tracks. You will visit cave villages, troglodytic monasteries and ancient frescoed churches, and you will discover the historical and cultural wealth of this region listed World Heritage by UNESCO. Complete index card.

Travelling on horseback through Morocco is without doubt the best way to discover the marvels of this great country.
We have chosen many well-designed trips with great care to allow you to discover the hidden treasures of Morocco. To discover these, the Barb Arab horses are the perfect travel companions, well-trained and educated for your pleasure. They will be your best ambassadors to the local populations, for whom the horse has always been a symbol of power and grace – in one word, majestic…Complete index card.

The Senegal:
A ride in West Senegal by the Atlantic Ocean in a protected environment. This ride will take you through the basins of two ancient rivers, the Sine and the Saloum, in the South of the “petite côte” area, close to the Saloum bird sanctuary, where nesting birds abound. This area is well preserved from mass tourism.
Riding gentle strong arab horses, called “Mbayar”, we’ll go through villages, bushy areas, mangrove, beaches and various exotic landscapes.
equestrian farm des abrons the loire castles
equestrian farm des abrons the castles and gardens of the kings of france loire valley
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equestrian farm des abrons the great bordeaux wine
equestrian farm des abrons charente cognac country
equestrian farm des abrons the black perigord
equestrian farm des abrons the green perigord
equestrian farm des abrons the prehistoric perigord sarlat
equestrian farm des abrons the lot causse country rocamadour
equestrian farm des abrons the basque country
equestrian farm des abrons the team turkey

The Weekends:

Fancy a short break? Week-end formulas are perfect! Atmosphere and variety on the menu. The famous vineyards of Saint Emilion or Sauternes, a gallop on the beach or between two castles of the Loire, or why not Versailles! Feel free to chose, every week-end has its own colour! Complete index card.



The Adventure Trails:

This option is for riders who want to travel on horseback with a feeling of freedom.

No time or schedule restraints concerning accommodation or restaurants. It’s about being able to stop wherever we like for picnic. To stop and build our tent in the wild at any time we like. This formula makes it possible to meet local people and share; It’s living close to one’s horse. Complete index card.


equestrian farm des abrons the team morocco
equestrian farm des abrons the medoc area and beach

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Charente Cognac country:

This little known area is home to astonishing sights. Its Pineau and Cognac wines  are of international fame. Our multi-faceted ride will start east of Angoulême, with a scenery which reminds that of Limousin and Périgord. Large forests as well as small farms in a rolling landscape . Then, coming back north-west we’ll ride across the famous Cognac and Pineau vineyards. We’ll have the opportunity to visit the Grobos Abbey. We’ll go across the Argentine flatland with its old quarries, the medieval castle of Villebois la Vallette, the monolithic church of Aubeterre, the largest in Europe), the Maine Giraud vineyards. We’ll ride along the Charente river to end up in Cognac to visit distilleries and proceed with Cognac tasting. Complete index card.

Between the Gers and Lot et Garonne - On the Saint Jacques de Compostelle Highway:

This pilgrimage was performed by thousands of people, who for centuries and still today have trekked this long way in order to fulfil a wish or a personal mission. This horse travel is dotted with astonishing sites such as typical villages, churches, sanctuaries, ancient infrastructures… The humble traveller doesn’t mind poor weather conditions, simple accommodation and serious moral and physical pains. With our horses, it will be much easier; nevertheless, we’ll travel the Saint Jacques de Compostelle way pilgrim style.

Most of the villages which we shall cross are classified " more beautiful villages of France

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equestrian farm des abrons the team saint jacques de compostelle

Our trips in France

Our distant destinations - Turkey , Morocco, Senegal

Two valleys from the Lot river to the Garonne river

Two valleys - from the Lot river and the Garonne river:

From the Lot valley to the Garonne valley, this hilly circuit goes through beautiful landscapes. During this ride we’ll cross old medieval villages such as Saint Pastour, Clairac, Port Sainte Marie which are on the Saint Jacques de Compostelle trail, as well as Clermont Dessous, Pujols, and Penne d’Agenais, which used to be walled cities. The 100-year war against the English, the religion wars, Huguenots against Catholics or Cathares have left a strong inprint on the area.Having evolved into a land of bounty where the winters are mild, you’ll also enjoy the local good food, close in taste to that of the Perigord and Gers areas.

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