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We have mainly saddle horses: Anglo-Arab horses, French saddle horses, and French horses. They are robust and solid, their size varies between 1m52 and 1m70, their coat is bay or chestnut. They form a harmonious herd. The age range is between 5 and 19 years. They are kind and well-educated horses that respect the riders. There are horses for all riding levels.
Our horses of local origin have been chosen for their mental qualities and endurance. Young horses are led by older horses which gives them the desire to move forward, calm and confident. All our horse rides in France are organised with our own horses.
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Pépite: 1m65.
Dynamic and alert.

Hêve:  1m70.
Very gentle, elegant and sensitive. The dream of many riders.

Ulaly:  1m62.
An energetic mare with a lot of stamina.

Tirona:  1m70.
Sweet, nice and quiet.

Unique:  1m58.
Very easy to handle, a quiet small horse, very inquisitive.

Shilling:  1m58.
A very nice and comfortable horse, enjoys the company of people.    

Atyhome: 1m64
Nice, obedient and dynamic.

Brownies: 1m70
he's getting used to his new job. A majestic horse, close to his rider.

Unou: 1m62
a thin sensitive horse who provides a soft ride.

Tzigane: 1m62
an energetic mare, quite independent.

Roméo: 1m60
he's learning. A nice attentive horse.

Otello: 1m58
a smalll energetic horse, with a good balance.

Favorit: 1m60
a steady confortable horse.
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We allocate horses depending on the experience and the size and weight of the riders.
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Our horses
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