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8 jours / 7 nuits
Paradise valley (Les Vallées du Paradis):
Round trip in the Haut Atlas mountains, starting at Imi Ouaddar, 25 km north of Agadir.

Day 1: Arrival at Agadir. Night at the hotel.
Day 2 to 7: Transfer to Imi Ouaddar. Wilderness ride circuit. Bivouac at night. Transfer to Agadir.
Day 8: Last night at a hotel. Transfer to the airport and flight back.
This trip crosses high mountains, the famous Haut Atlas.

We start from the Atlantic cost to reach altitudes close to 2000 meters. Magnificent views on deep and steep-sided valleys. Passages through gorges, in the heart of palm fields on tracks only used by the local villagers. Some passages must inevitably be taken by foot.

The mountainsides are covered with herbs (thyme, lavender, rosemary ...) that allow the Berber populations to produce high quality honey. The villager’s houses (so-called douars) are either built on the mountainsides or in the middle of palm fields in the valleys on either side of the rivers (called oueds); they are built with stones, and often have mud roofs.

This region is known for its terraced fields which mostly grow almond trees. The gastronomic speciality is the so-called « amlou », a mixture of honey, argan oil and crushed almonds. Argan oil is an oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree, endemic to Morocco.

The dessert ride :
Round trip starting from the town of Zagora, 160 km south-east of Ouarzazate.

Day 1: We welcome you at Ouarzazate airport; transfer to Zagora. Night at the hotel.
Day 2 to 7: Wilderness ride circuit. 4 nights bivouac and 1 night under Touareg tents. Visit of an ancient granary (ksar) and a traditional museum on the third day of the circuit. Arrival in the beginning of the afternoon at Zagora. Transfer to Ouarzazate and night at the hotel. Possible visit of Kasbah de Taourirt at Ouarzazate and the Kasbah des Aït Benhaddou, depending on return flight schedule.
Day 8: Transfer to Ouarzazate airport and return flight.

During the first part of our trip, we will cross wide spaces of either dunes (erg) or rocks (reg), the beginning of the huge Sahara desert.
During the second part of the circuit, we will discover the immense palm grove of the Drâa valley, which winds all the way down to the village of Ouled Driss. This palm grove is dotted with small gardens surrounding the fortified villages (ksours) built with pink adobe and generously decorated.

Each day, you will discover a new view of the desert. Unusual encounters are frequent. Some Touareg families, surrounded by their flocks of goats and camels, whose tents woven from black or brown wool are the only signs of human presence in this arid region.

Starry nights, sun rise and sunsets are of exceptional beauty.

The Djebel Saghro:
One-way trip from the town of Boulemane-du-Dadès, 74 km east of Ouarzazate, to the palm grove N'Kob. Traversal of Djebel Saghro from north to south.

Day 1: We welcome you at Ouarzazate airport. Night at the hotel.
Day 2 to 7: wilderness ride. Five bivouac nights. Return to Ouarzazate in the early afternoon, following the Drâa valley. Visit of Kasbah Taourirt in Ouarzazate as well as Kasbah des Aït Benhaddou. Night at the hotel.
Day 8: Transfer to Ouarzazate airport and return flight.

Between mountains and desert, between the Dadès and Drâa valeys, is Djebel Saghro, a volcanic formation of exceptional beauty. Its gorges, towers and pinnacles strangely remind the visitor of landscapes of the Hoggar dessert. Bare landscapes which hide some green valleys full of almond trees, oleanders, fig and palm trees. In season, one can see little fields with cereals cultures.
The highest mountain is Kouadouch, at 2600 m altitude.
These lands, in appearance inhospitable, provide a peaceful haven for the goat and camel herds that the nomads of the Aït Atta tribe lead down from the highlands of the M'Goun mountains (the second highest mountain of the Atlas, snow covered in winter).  Their presence creates a particular atmosphere in these lunar landscapes.

Ziz valey: New!

Once we have come down from the Atlas, the Ziz river winds through the pink rocks and ochre cliffs, while oleanders release a wonderful fragrance.

The valley widens, the mountains lower, streams of hot air announce the approaching desert.
The first sand appears, the silhouette of Djebel Erdoud emerges and palm trees flourish: we reached Tafilalet. Here we are, at the gates of the desert, following the tracks of the ancient caravans that crossed the Sahara to reach Black Africa and Sudan. These sandy tracks lead us south, where a sea of red dunes fills the horizon, inviting us to dream and seek adventure.

Additional information
The average daily riding time varies between 5 and 6 hours.
Bivouac: a large mess tent as well as small two-person tents are installed by our team. We also provide foam mattresses. Sleeping under the open sky is not forbidden though!
At certain points, it will be possible to take a hot shower. We will, however, stop near a water point every evening. It is therefore possible to wash every day.

During the trip, our cook prepares traditional Moroccan dishes. At lunchtime, you will enjoy mixed salads flavoured with local spices.
Moroccan wines are served with diners (25 cl per person). There is an extra charge for additional consumptions, as well as for beverages which are not part of the meals (soft drinks, beer). Mineral water is provided free of charge without limit.

Certain bivouacs will be installed near the ocean or a river - don’t forget your swim suit!
A vehicle follows the riders and transports all luggage. It is preferable to choose a reasonably sized bag rather than a suitcase.
 Prix : 990 €
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