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The Lot is the area in between the Massif Central and Aquitaine. It is home for caves, grottoes and underground rivers. The Lot area is one of the best preserved and most attractive of ancient French regions.
Its history began more than 20 000 years ago (prehistoric caves).Its history began more than 20 000 years ago (prehistoric caves). It is in this area that Julius Caesar fought the last resistant Gallic people. We will visit Caïx castle, the famous village of Rocamadour, “La cave” cave’s, Carennac village
Day  1 : We welcome the participants in the late afternoon at the SNCF railway station of Puy L’Evêque. Transfer  and night at the hotel. For those coming by car, please meet us at Hotel Henry in Puy L’Evêque.

Day 2 : Puy L’Evêque – Boissières
Wooded rolling landscapes with many remains from the past. Paths lined with stone walls, dolmens and « gariottes »  (shepherds’ shelters). On the way, we will make a stop and taste wine at the Chateau de Caïx. This castle belongs to Prince Henrik, the Queen of Denmark’s husband. Night in a hotel in Boissières, a charming Lot village.
Day 3 : Boissières – Labastide Murat
Most of the day we’ll be riding in « combes », valleys dotted with old watermills and country roads revealing ancient human presence, mostly of shepherds. At the end of the day we’ll reach Labastide-Murat. Time permitting, we’ll visit the museum of Joachim Murat, king of Naples in Napoleonic times.
Day 4 : Labastide-Murat – Rocamadour
Departure around 9.30, we’ll ride the opposite way of the pilgrims to Saint Jacques de Compostelle. We’ll go across the Gramat Causse at an elevation of 350 m. This dry land can only feed sheep; black truffle is also grown, making this area rich in the past. Then we’ll arrive in Rocamadour, France’s second most visited tourist spot. It is mostly a place of pilgrimage and prayer. Night in a hotel.
Day 5 :  Rocamadour – La Cave
Free morning to visit the site and all the religious buildings, part of  France’s National Heritage. We’ll leave Rocamadour early in the afternoon. We’ll ride westward through  deep valleys and rocky landscapes. We’ll drive past the mill fortress of Cognaguet. We’ll make a stop at the La Cave grottoes at the end of the day. The cave is 1.600 km long, the first part is full of stalactites, the second one is underwater streams; traces of prehistoric men have been discovered there.
Night in a hotel.

Day 6 : La Cave – Carennac
Another fine day on the Causse. We’ll leave La Cave towards the Dordogne valley by way of the plateaux. Not many dwellings on those hostile lands where only sheep can survive. Our picnic will be in the picturesque village of Montvalent. Our night stay will be in the beautiful village of Carennac. It is built within the walls of the monastery and it is very much medieval in character. You’ll be free to walk around the village, the houses can be traced back to the 16th century, the church is 12th century. Accomodation in bed and breakfast
Day 7 : Carennac – Rocamadour
We’ll be leaving the Dordogne valley and we’ll go up to the Causse as far as the Padirac cave. Picnic and visit of Padirac, wonderful galleries dug up by an underground river which  provide breathtaking views.
In the afternoon, through more open country in which cows and sheep graze, we’ll finally reach Rocamadour. Night in hotel.
Day 8 :  End of the ride, transfer to the Rocamadour SNCF railway station after breakfast.
Lot river
Gouffre de Padirac
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy cavaliers
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy fontaine
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy iris
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy rocamadour
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy bories
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy carennac
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy padirac
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot and quercy lot river
equestrian farm des abrons lot quercy carte
equestrian farm des abrons lot quercy
This route may be altered, depending on room availability in hotels, weather conditions and time spent visiting
Price : 1490 €
8 days / 7 days
Equestrian farm les abrons black lot  quercy

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Horseback riding: Lot, the Causse country

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